We look forward to servicing schools, athletic groups, religious groups and social clubs. We are dedicated to helping organizations raise funds to support your projects. Our cost effective solutions will help families and communities use today’s technology to communicate to hopefully resolve issues facing our communities before they become tragic. We look forward to building a strong reputation by providing customers with high quality services and superior customer service.

From the Fundraising Organization's View
JustReportIt’s products are easy to sell and generate up to 50% profit quickly and easily. We also offer the option to personalize your product with your organizations name or logo. Personalization increases awareness within the community about your school, group or cause. We have a partnership with a distributor that helps make the selling process easy. See How to Get Started Raising Funds for Your Organization below to see how easy it really is!

From the Seller's View
JustReportIt has several a products that are easy to sell. Almost everyone can see the benefits of receiving impartial information on the way their vehicles or property are being used or treated. Our asset tags can help recover lost or stolen property. Similar tags have been used by government agencies and large business for years to help protect and recover their property. Now these tags can be available for you to sell starting in small quantities.
In most cases our products can be sold face-to-face so there is no need to make a return trip to deliver the order. Neighbors, friends and family are often eager to make a purchase and register their tags on our web site and begin receiving feedback.

Who Can Organize your Fund Raising Campaign?
Any person or group can organize a fundraising campaign. The purpose of the campaign should be to help raise funds for a not-for-profit project or charity to offset the costs of team or group activities or the cost of an educational experience.
How to Get Started Raising Funds for Your Organization
Please use our ‘contact us’ form to provide us with your fundraising goals or call us at 1-410-980-9853. If you have questions about our website. We will have a specialist to contact you.

Campaign Timing
A Fundraising campaign can be run almost any time. Generally, if the campaign is to raise money for team or group activities, it is best to run the campaign at the beginning of the season. This is when participation and enthusiasm are typically at their highest and your results should reflect this.

Campaign Length
The length of campaign can vary depending on your objectives and the motivation of the fundraisers. Campaigns do not have to be long to be successful. Typically, a campaign that runs 2 to 4 weeks can be very effective. By setting a specific beginning date and ending date for your fundraiser, it is easier to generate and maintain enthusiasm. For the best results make sure the event is the primary focus of attention!

Fundraising Tips - Safety Tips
Always keep safety the top priority of every fundraising campaign. Make sure your participants know and follow these safety practices:

  1. Always sell in the company of others- use the buddy system or with parental supervision.
  2. Never enter someone’s home.
  3. Never carry large amounts of cash.
  4. Know why your organization is fundraising and explain your goals when your requesting their support.
  5. Be proud of your organization.
  6. Be cheerful, courteous and smile.
  7. Always thank people whether they buy or not.
  8. Turn in your money on time.
Helpful fundraising tips
  1. Sell to people you know first- friends, family and neighbors.
  2. Post fundraising information at your workplace in common areas such as office kitchens or front desks.
  3. Advertise at other events such as school, functions, fairs, organization meetings or sporting events.
  4. Promote your campaign in your community with signs posted around your community.
  5. Go where the crowds are. Take advantage of high traffic areas like grocery stores or popular retailers. (Be sure and get the approval of store management and make sure you have adult supervision)
  6. ads in the community newspaper, or post an announcement in your church bulletin
  7. Set a deadline and communicate it to all participants. Have the money returned to the person responsible for collecting the money by the deadline.
  8. Fundraising can be an educational and rewarding experience for everyone. Communicate the goals and the results of your campaign. Your participants will feel the pride of accomplishing the goals through teamwork! Recognize everyone who participates and acknowledge exceptional individual efforts.
  9. Share Non Profit Fundraising Success Stories.
    Be sure to keep your non profit group up to date on how the fundraiser is going. Use a simple thermometer poster so everyone can easily see how much money the group has made - and how close you are to your goal. Ask members who are selling a lot to talk about their methods. Your group will profit when you share fundraising ideas that have worked for others.
  10. Know the Right Time to Raise Money.
    Holidays and exams are generally not ideal times for fundraising drives. Academic success is the priority for kids in school, and fundraisers should never interfere with that. Parents will also appreciate your consideration, and support the fundraiser more enthusiastically.
  11. Let a class or grade help organize and pick the goals for the fundraisers. Use the fundraising project as a way to teach the students how to pick the goals for the projects you plan to use the funds for.

Receiving and Storage of Product
If possible, before accepting your delivery, inspect the shipment for damages. Count the products to ensure it matches what you ordered and the shipping paperwork. Please also review the invoice to verify the terms upon receipt. If there are any issues contact us immediately at 1-410-980-9853. If you are storing the products prior to distributing it to the fundraisers, store it in a secure and dry area.

Shipping Information:

Free US shipping within the United States and Actual cost of carrier for all International locations.

Street addresses are required; we are unable to deliver to a P.O Box Number. All orders require an adult signature. JustReportIt LLC cannot be responsible for the performance of our carriers or incorrect shipping addresses. Shipping rates subject to change.
We are able to ship internationally. Fundraiser Programs - How it works

  1. How can my school sign up to use one of the as their fundraiser?
    To sign up with the JustReportIt fundraiser, first you'll need to contact a representative. You can do so by filling out our easy online form. After you submit this form, a JustReportIt LLC representative will contact you to begin the sign up process.
  2. Can I conduct a fundraiser at any time of the year?
    Yes, however most fundraising programs prefer the prime fundraising season of August through December.
  3. How do I get my products to begin fundraising?
    Your representative will place your product order and arrange to have your products delivered to organization by one of our representatives or carriers. We cannot guarantee an exact delivery dates. In most cases, the products will arrive in a single shipment. However, it is possible that shipments will arrive over a couple of days. All products require the signature of an adult.
  4. Can you sell our products at discounted prices?
    Yes. We suggest using our suggest retail price for these services, but you are free to offer discounts. We feel our services can be used to assist in the safety of the community and by making our products more cost effective can benefit everyone. It’s up to your organization!
  5. When can people start using the IDs?
    The IDs are valid immediately upon your website registration and are good for one calendar year. At the end of the year the primary account holder will receive a renewal notice with a link to renew the service. The renewal rate is 50% off the initial fee. You will receive a confirmation email for each ID and email registered on our site. Please verify that our emails are not being blocked from your Internet service provider (for example Verizon, Comcast or AOL). Our asset tags are good for 5 years. The IDs do not help unless the purchaser registers it in our online database. Only the primary email address with the password allows the user to update account information. If you loose or forget your password the password reminder will be sent to ONLY the primary email address.
  6. Can we get additional products?
    Yes. However, payment on your account is required prior to receiving additional products.
  7. What if a customer damages their product, can they get a replacement?
    If the sticker is damaged prior to use you can mail us the unused sticker with a self address envelope and we will gladly replace it free of charge.
  8. How do we receive our profits from the fundraiser?
    You earn profit on your fundraiser once you have sold the minimum number of products as stated on the profit schedule provided by your representative.
  9. Who should the purchasers make their checks payable to?
    Checks should be made out to the name of your group or school. At the close of your sale, you will provide a single check to JustReportIt LLC.
  10. How much money do we need to layout in advance?
    Depending on the size of your fundraiser we may require a minimum deposit or break the order up into separate shipments allow you time to generate income from the fundraiser to reduce or eliminate the need for any front money.



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