Frequently Asked Questions

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I do not know of any organization selling them can I purchase the How’s my Driving sticker direct?

Yes! From our web site “Purchase Now”

How do I retrieve my lost password?

At the bottom of the update page is a way to retrieve your password to the primary email address.

Do I need to fill in all the boxes on the forms?

The more information you provide, the more useful this will be to. For example the vehicle description is only for the user that updates our database. This allows you to differentiate Mom’s silver Toyota Camry from Dad’s silver Toyota Camry

How much does vehicle registration cost?

First time yearly registration is $20 per vehicle and $10 for each additional year.

How much does it cost to renew the vehicle ID’s?

Vehicle ID renewals are available for a single year and the service fee is $10.00

Can I transfer the ID to another person?

Yes you can any of our ID products. You can update the email address and password to a new primary account. We suggest that you switch the email address to the new users and set the password to something simple that the new user can change to their own secret password.


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